Back Auf! Wee A tae Z a Social Distancin, The(Nov)

Back Auf! Wee A tae Z a Social Distancin, The(Dec)

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  • Flora McCleuch
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This wee pocket book is written in response to the COVID-19 crisis which requires us to keep our distance and wear masks almost everywhere we go. This Wee A tae Z book contains 26 funny wee poems dedicated to the delicate art of social distancin’. Now that we’re all experts, this book is bound to strike a chord. Written by Flora McCleuch in broad Scots, with a glossary at the back to help wi’ thae tricky wee Scottish words, this is a funny, cheeky wee topical gift. Ah huv a bonny tartan mask It matches ma best breeks.If ah wear it doon the toon,A’body stops tae tak’ a keek. Och, ah’ll strut ma funky stuff In ma crackin’ canny gear. Aye, gie yer e’en a feast But dinnae get too near!