Frank Get The Door! (Nov)

Frank Get The Door!

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  • Janey Godley
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Since lockdown began, people have woken up to Janey Godley's comedy by the hundreds of thousands, she has provided much-needed relief throughout the coronavirus pandemic with her gallus Glesga interpretations which have been shared around the country with much glee. 'Ye've been TELT. Everybuddy's gonnae die if yeez aw keep gaun aboot an meetin each other an gaun hame wi a virus oan ye. So Ah've telt ye wance an Ah'm no gonnae tell ye again. This is the official line. If Ah see any o you oot there, Ah'm gonnae take a run an pit ma toe up the crack o yer a*se. SO QUIT IT! Stey in the hoose, wash yer hands an keep yer family safe.'
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