Last Witch of Scotland, The (Apr)

Last Witch of Scotland, The

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Scottish Highlands, 1727. In the aftermath of a tragic fire that kills her father, Aila and her mother, Janet, move to the remote village of Loth. Aila, who was badly burned in the fire, attracts the eye of suspicious and superstitious villagers, especially the new Reverend McNeil, a man determined to cleanse the village from evil. Then arrives a motley troupe of travelling entertainers from Edinburgh, led by the charismatic but mysterious Jack, further unsettling peace in the village and stoking something new in Aila - a kind of hope she hasn't known since her father's death. Trouble is brewing, and if Aila and Janet aren't careful, everything may yet end in flames. Inspired by the true story of the last person to be tried and executed as a witch in Britain, The Last Witch of Scotland is a harrowing tale shedding light on one of the country's darkest periods in history.
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