RSPB Nature Guide: Seashore (Mar)

RSPB Nature Guide: Seashore

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Did you know that jellyfish have no brain, heart or blood? Or that there's an animal called a sea potato? Come rain or shine there is always something interesting to spot at the seaside! Grab this handy nature guide and head to the beach to explore the wonders of the seashore. Nature Guide Seashore is jam-packed with facts - you'll learn that seaweed is used to make ice cream, and that grey seals can eat 10kg of fish a day (that's about the weight of two bowling balls!). From bright-beaked puffins and sunbathing seals to slippery seaweed and limpets clinging to rocks, there are over 200 different animals, plants and other wildlife to discover in this spotter's guide. Discover how to be a wildlife detective, what animals you might find when you go rock pooling and tips on how to look after our coastline. Includes easy to look up fact boxes, a checklist to tick off everything you spot and activities such as making sand art. What will you spot?
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