Why Your Cat Thinks You're an Idiot (Aug)

Why Your Cat Thinks You're an Idiot

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This frank and hilarious illustrated gift book is the perfect guide to why your cat thinks you are an idiot You dote on your fluffy feline, but it may feel like the relationship is a little one-sided at times. Whether it's the judgemental stares or the cold shoulders, sometimes your cat doesn't seem to have the same enthusiasm for you as you do for them. If you're wondering why they treat you this way, allow this book to explain; your cat thinks you're a fool! Filled with witty original illustrations, this book offers many reasons why your pampered puss thinks you're ridiculous and why they're in charge. From following you into the bathroom to knocking things off shelves, gain insight into the mind of your moggy and allow them to explain why they act the way they do. Perfect for any cat lovers, or long-suffering owners, this book reveals the truth: your cat just thinks you are an idiot.
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