Hidden Life of Garden Birds, The (Jan)

Hidden Life of Garden Birds, The

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  • Dominic Couzens
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A glimpse into the secret lives of over 50 garden birds, with beautiful illustrations and intriguing facts. Did you know that woodpeckers are capable of learning simple codes? Hooded crows can form connections with humans? A jay's call affects the behaviour of surrounding squirrels? All these fascinating bird activities and more are revealed in The Hidden Life of Garden Birds. Unusual feeding behaviour is just the tip of the iceberg. From territorial conflict and strange relationships with man, to breeding and nesting oddities, this book exposes all the drama behind garden birds' everyday survival - making it the perfect gift for birdwatchers. The Hidden Life of Garden Birds will enlighten you to the secret going-ons of the common creatures you can spot from the comfort of your back doorstep.