Litte History of Glasgow, The (Mar)

Litte History of Glasgow, The

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Throughout its existence, Glasgow has been a city of great complexity. From its tentative origins, under the watchful eye of St Mungo, Glasgow grew from the serene ‘Dear Green Place’ into a bustling trading hub that boomed during the Industrial Revolution and growth of the British Empire. At its peak, Glasgow was a place of unlimited opportunity and wealth creation throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Flip that coin, though, and the city’s streets were home to mass poverty, crime and slum living. In recent decades, these streets - exuding Victorian fortitude still - have provided for and encouraged an inexhaustible line of talented creatives who have left powerful marks of their own on Glasgow’s story. Through the eyes of a local, The Little History of Glasgow explores the city’s slow and steady economic rise, its calamitous collapse and its 21st-century reinvention as one of Europe’s most characterful cities.