A to Z of Whisky Place-Names,The (Feb22)

A to Z of Whisky Place-Names, The

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Have you ever wondered about the place-names that appear on Scotch whisky bottles? What language the names come from, what they mean or if they are even real places? Interest in Scotch whisky, the Highlands, Gaelic, Scots and place-names has never been higher and there is an increasing demand for reliable works on these subjects. If you feel baffled about where to start looking for such information, then this reliable and informative book is for you. This book discusses each place-name that is concerned in some way with Scotch whisky, either as the name of the whisky itself, or as the name of the distillery. For each of these names the author provides an informative discussion of the origin, history and development of the name from a linguistic and historical perspective. He also offers an early spelling of the name, the original meaning (where known) and the correct pronunciation. This is an informative and entertaining book that sets the standard for whisky place-names.
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