Peat And Whisky: Unbreakable Bond, The

Peat & Whisky: Unbreakable Bond, The

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Bringing together landscapes, geology, history, people and their whisky, and addressing the key role of peatlands in mitigating climate change, Peat and Whisky: The Unbreakable Bond is a love letter to Scotland and the unique soil and flavour that form part of the DNA of Scotch whisky. It is, as Dave Broom says in his introduction, an essential read for enthusiasts, penned by the perfect guide. Through epic journeys around Scotland and back in time, Mike Billett dives deep into the science and stories of ancient peatlands and bogs, capturing the spirit of places where whisky has been distilled for centuries. He sheds light on how peat imparts its distinctive aroma and flavour to the world’s finest single malts. He looks back to tradition and heritage, as well as forward to a future in which the dark matter will remain part of the recipe for liquid gold, while becoming an increasingly precious living sponge for atmospheric carbon.
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