Queen's Bahookie & Other Tales from Scotland's Castles (May)

Queen's Bahookie & Other Tales from Scotland's Castles (Jul)

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  • Robin Laing, Bob Dewar
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Who saw the Queen’s bahoukie? Which castle had an annual rent of one red rose? Which castle was known as ‘the ship that never sailed’? The world and history of Scottish castles has been explored through multiple media forms, but not quite in this way. The Queen’s bahoukie and other tales from Scotland’s castles takes us on a poetic and historical journey through the castles of Scotland. Cling to the other-worldliness that is hidden within the crumbling walls of Scotland’s castles. Through the centuries, stories have piled up of their beauty, mystery, drama, bravery and tragedy. Within this book we listen to the personal stories of those who inhabited these historic buildings. Their love and loyalties, joys and suff erings, and even the details of the domestic life within the castle. This book will be of interest to tourists and visitors to Scotland – making a unique companion as they explore the castles of Scotland.