Na Tri Mathain (Mar)

Na Tri Mathain

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Once upon a time, a family of three bears lived in a house in the woods. One day while the bears were out, a girl named Goldilocks walked into their house… The Gaelic translator of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit brings us another tale perfect for Scottish Gaelic language learners of all ages. The formulaic repetition naturally teaches basic points of Gaelic grammar while expanding vocabulary. Accompanied by the charming Edwardian vintage illustrations of Leonard Leslie Brooke and William Morris. Uair dha robh saoghal, bha teaghlach de thrì mathain—Mathan Mòr, Mathan Meadhanach, agus Mathan Meanbh. Bha iad a’ fuireach còmhla ann an taigh ’sa choille. Bha caileag air an robh Òr-fhalt a’ cruinneachadh dhìtheanan agus chaidh i air seachran ’sa choille. Thachair i air taigh nam mathan nuair a bha iad air falbh. Chaidh i a-steach…
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