Mystery at Dunvegan Castle, The (Mar)

Mystery at Dunvegan Castle, The

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  • T.L. Huchu
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She came for magic. She stayed to solve a murder . . . Ropa Moyo is no stranger to magic or mysteries. After all, she's a ghostalker – one who can talk to the dead. But she’s still stuck in an irksomely unpaid internship. So she’s thrilled to attend a magical convention at Dunvegan Castle, on the Isle of Skye, where she’ll rub elbows with eminent magicians. For Ropa, it’s the perfect opportunity to finally prove her worth. Then a librarian is murdered and a precious scroll stolen. Suddenly, every magician is a suspect, and Ropa and her allies investigate. Trapped in a castle, with suspicions mounting, Ropa must contend with corruption, skulduggery and power plays. Time to ask for a raise?
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